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300 Click for offerIs Missouri Senator Josh Hawley the future of the Republican Party? This week on “The Argument,” Ross Douthat sits down with the first-term lawmaker to discuss the conservative case for cracking down on powerful tech companies and reducing the price of prescription drugs. They discuss who the 2017 Republican-passed tax law really helped and whether conservative economic populism can exist free of President Trump’s racism. Sarah Awadi, a local leader, is disappointed in the Israeli, Palestinian and foreign institutions that she feels have let her community down.

Verizon went big on the font size, but otherwise its 5G presentation at CES 2019 was pretty low-key. “There are millions of them,” he said. “That is why you can see so many of them on the radar.”


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKECounting on a couple of billion heavy meat-eaters to respond to someone’s eloquence and cut back their meat consumption by 90 percent (the recommended amount, to have real impact) is not a plan. It is, rather, a plea. In his chapter “Dispute With the Soul,” Foer blames “human nature.” Because of it, “people like me, who should care and should be motivated and should make big changes, find it almost impossible to make small sacrifices for profound future benefit.” The argument for individuals to eat better isn’t wrong, but it encourages “people like me” — wealthy people, almost all white — to become better shoppers while leaving others behind. Not everyone can make the same decisions. The man, Kier Boneparte, 22, was also charged with driving without a license or insurance and with failing to yield to a pedestrian, the police said.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYPerspective: Mrs. May has no power, no way forward and nothing left to lose, a British journalist writes. “She may as well burn it all down and try to start afresh.” One of these targets is Iyad al-Baghdadi, who worked with Mr. Khashoggi on projects promoting a free Arab press and now lives in Norway. Mr. Baghdadi, an online activist and a computer programmer by training, says the Saudi government’s digitization efforts reveal dangerous trends: “Generally, people like to say that technology is agnostic, neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad, but if you zoom out, you’ll see that there is a difference between technology that decentralizes power, such as blockchain, and technology such as data mining or A.I., that can serve to centralize power. The Saudi government is very interested in the latter — it allows them to analyze, monitor and even outsmart dissidents and social movements.”

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In states without an income tax, like Florida and Texas, the argument for the estate tax is straightforward: There is no income tax revenue to lose if billionaires leave. But even in Arkansas, which stopped collecting an estate tax in 2005 and was home to five billionaires in 2017, the income tax revenue lost would be only about half of what the state would reap with a 16 percent estate tax, Mr. Moretti and Mr. Wilson estimate. Jackets were oversize on top; pants high-waisted and pleated; dresses draped and cowled at the chest to create exaggerated curves. Things were jutting out all over and taking up space. There was some heavy metal in belts and big brassy buttons, and some on-purpose frumpiness (just, you know: take that, male gaze!). There was a glimpse of skin in the deep-dipped sides of easy-access bronze-beaded halter dresses. Lesley Gore was singing on the soundtrack.

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Putting a fake email in the code of The Times’s website was Ms. Kingsbury’s idea. It was a promotion for Opinion’s Privacy Project. “The leaked email format was a wink at the idea that privacy is often in someone else’s hands — in this case, emails that are forwarded beyond your control,” wrote Ms. Kingsbury via email (a real one). “I might offer to the patient, ‘If you can feel it hitting you, if there is something you want to say, say it now,’” Mr. Seckel said.

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According to the Institute of International Education, community college students represented only about 2 percent of the more than 332,000 American students who studied abroad in 2016-17. That’s in part because many students at two-year institutions work and come from lower-income households. Those are roughly the same talking points that California Democrats have been using for years. Last year, Mr. Wiener introduced a bill that would essentially seize zoning control from localities and make it harder to stop higher-density projects near rail stations. California cities and the State Legislature have passed laws banning Section 8 discrimination. Mr. Newsom campaigned on a plan to build 3.5 million homes by 2025, but has acknowledged this is a far-off goal that has zero chance of happening without major regulatory reforms.

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Not everybody embraced these wines. Peter of Philadelphia called the Ridge “pleasant and unlikely to offend anyone,” while Ferguson of Princeton, N.J., referred to them as “comfortable, familiar, utility wines.” Dan Barron of New York felt that the Ridge and the Montinore were “more comfortable than they are exciting.” While the abrupt end to her ambassadorship was widely seen as punitive, one former colleague said that it was possibly motivated by a genuine concern for her, and that State Department officials decided it was safer to bring her home.

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