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Want Australian news with a global perspective? Sign up here for the weekly Australia Letter. It’s a busy time for them, both of whom are former “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” writers: After working for the better part of a decade to get a TV show on the air, they now have two programs premiering in consecutive weeks. In addition to “South Side,” Salahuddin and Riddle are also the creators of “Sherman’s Showcase,” an absurdist, fictional sketch variety show produced and narrated by the musician and producer John Legend.

In a match watched from the stands by her friend Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, the most surprising element was the look of shocked uncertainty on Williams’s face. Federal courts have ruled that migrant children inside the United States must be housed in “safe and sanitary” accommodation. So what explains the conditions at a Border Patrol station in Clint, Tex.?

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This yellow clapboard house, known as Tidewaters Edge, has had three additions in the last century or so. It sits on Whalebone Cove, on a rural estuary of the Connecticut River. The property is about a mile from the village of Hadlyme, which has a post office and a popular country market. A nearby passenger-and-car ferry offers seasonal service to the town of Chester on the western side of the river. New Haven is about 44 miles west and New London 21 miles east. The relationship between Mr. Trump and intelligence officials has been strained during Mr. Coats’s two-year tenure. Mr. Coats has at times clashed with the president and taken issue with Mr. Trump’s assertions about Russian interference.

• Para leer con el café del domingo: el lado oscuro de las pasas. El negocio del fruto seco no se anda con rodeos, como lo comprobó el empresario Harry Overly cuando lo contrataron para dirigir Sun-Maid, una de las mayores comercializadoras de uvas pasas. En un plazo de meses, recibió amenazas de muerte y llegó a temer que las cosechas fueran atacadas con “fuego, específicamente”. In a phone call recorded by the F.B.I., Mr. Singer assured the student’s father that “all the wealthy families” were shopping for diagnoses. “The playing field is not fair,” he said.

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Log In‘Tall Girl’Starts streaming: Sept. 13 In a scenario where Mr. Biden fades and other avowed centrists fail to qualify for the next debate, that could lead moderate voters to take a closer look at a number of liberals who are somewhat less populist and ideological in their instincts than Mr. Sanders and Ms. Warren — people like Mr. Buttigieg or even former Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas, two young men who have escaped sharp ideological definition, appealing to the left without quite endorsing policies like “Medicare for All.”