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November And Beyond “We’ve actually never been to the High Tower,” Kate confides, “but we’ve always loved it from ‘The Long Goodbye,’” Robert Altman’s 1973 movie in which a hunky Elliott Gould plays Raymond Chandler’s detective, Philip Marlowe. In the film, Marlowe lives surrounded by sybarites at High Tower Court, a secluded residential complex in the Hollywood Hills.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEIt comes with the ASUS Pen, an active stylus with 1,024 pressure levels, and has fast-charge technology that, according to Asus, can recharge the laptop up to 60 percent capacity in 49 minutes.  And at least until a new government is formed, the Constitution can be superseded altogether — thanks to a document that predates it. Section 44 of the 2014 Interim Constitution essentially allows the head of the junta — today, Mr. Prayuth — to do anything he deems necessary for the sake of not only national security, but also the monarchy, national economics or “public unity and harmony,” among other things.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYStill, some people who would be most affected by the policy said they did not hold any particular expectations for success. American officials familiar with the arrangement later said that Prince Bader was in fact acting as a surrogate for Crown Prince Mohammed himself, the true purchaser of “Salvator Mundi.”

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Susanne Craig, who covers politics, money and government for The Times. Ms. Begum will be allowed to appeal the order through the courts. Mr. Akunjee, the family lawyer, tweeted that the infant was a British citizen.

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The primary prize in the bidding war is Anadarko’s 600,000 acres of shale-oil holdings in the Permian Basin. Industry experts say those parcels are among the most lucrative in the United States. The company has identified 10,000 drilling locations, which is near the operations of Chevron and Occidental. The groom, 30, is an assistant district attorney in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. He received a law degree cum laude from N.Y.U.

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They cultivate an American next-door neighbor vibe (“just a guy off the street,” he said), with details from their own lives. On one show, Ms. Heck shared that she has seen the movie “Elf” 23 times, deeming it “an American classic.” Despite the break with Oceanpointe, the Morrises said they had many satisfied customers. Renovation work was done on 60 percent of the 700 homes sold in Indianapolis, Mr. Morris estimated.

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So here we are looking for some units of measurement, one gathers. In my solve, I pretty much stumbled on what was probably the most common combination of unit and subject here — I’m thinking EARTHQUAKES, at 93A, which are given orders of magnitude on the RICHTER scale — with RICHTER filling the letters in the bubbles that ended at the R in EARTHQUAKES. Mrs. May left the heart of the agreement unchanged for the third vote, which was defeated Friday afternoon, 344 to 286. “The implications of the House’s decision are grave,” said Mrs. May.

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