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But she does concede that her coaching timeline makes for a long paragraph on Wikipedia. “You just look at it, and it’s like, ‘Damn, there are 12 people on here!’” she said, laughing. “But everyone I ever worked with, I still talk to and still communicate with. I love them.” Mr. al-Abadi said: “There was no such meeting on his schedule and it is unreasonable that a figure like the prime minister would meet and coordinate with a person with an obscure and unknown rank. It is a stupid and suspicious claim.”

That ceiling claim is bound to bring me more grief from the D’Angelo devotees who were already dismayed by my recent contention that Russell, with his constant need for the ball, is not a good long-term fit with the Warriors. Hopefully we can all agree that neither Fox nor Russell is quite ready to bump out Conley — although I should concede that Russell hasn’t received enough credit from me for the work he has done on his body and the leap he took as a scorer as a Net. Yet, while the debates have provided good moments for her campaign, perhaps nothing attracted as much attention as her high-profile feud with Mrs. Clinton.

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"Tunguska is the largest cosmic impact witnessed by modern humans," David Morrison, a planetary science researcher at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, said in a release. "It also is characteristic of the sort of impact we are likely to have to protect against in the future." Working Less, and BetterTo the Editor:

The Socialist Unity Party of Germany (also known as the East German Communist Party) held tight control over peoples' lives, professions and futures. Opposing political views were squashed, and the dictatorship prevented free elections and freedom of movement. The Ministry for State Security, commonly called the Stasi, forced neighbors to spy on each other and compiled extensive files on citizens. Food, supplies and housing shortages were part of daily life. “We are disgusted by the language and harassing behavior alleged of a handful of our members and guests of our chapter at Syracuse University,” Alpha Chi Rho’s national office said in a statement. “The fraternity is working with the university to investigate and if confirmed will hold any members accountable.”

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Log InHe grew up in a religious Jewish family with six siblings and was active in Zionist activities as Hitler rose to power. “ ‘Mein Kampf’ was sold in bookshops,” he told Tribune Juive, adding that he had listened to Hitler on the radio declaring his goal of exterminating the Jews. It was the kind of stereotypical response that Balkovec, 32, has been battling for years in baseball, and one that she hopes to continue to break down when she reports to Tampa on Feb. 1 to become a minor league hitting coach for the Yankees. She signed a contract on Nov. 8 and is believed to be the first woman hired as a full-time hitting coach by a big-league team.